Saturday, 25 January 2014

I'm back... I hope :)

So I wrote a few entries, and then it seemed, I vanished off of the face of the earth.
Well, I did vanish, but only to America.  I left Scotland and my family two years ago, and made the move across the ocean to America.  I moved in with my dad in North Carolina, and I am teaching.
Things are going well with my teaching.  I love my job, though it is hard work.  However, I can't escape the fact that writing is my passion.  I love to write.  And I think that if I want to be successful and happy in my life, I need to follow my passion in writing.  I plan to continue teaching, but also make writing a priority in my life.  Starting with this blog.
I am now 24 years old, still single, no longer in love with my ex and I'm more independent than I have ever been.
I hope I keep up with the blog this time.  I am so busy with my job that I barely have time.  But I need to make the time if it is what I love doing! :)

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